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Cute Style Cartoon Pattern Breathable Shading Eye Mask 2 Piece/Set

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Item Code: glj96474
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Cute Style Cartoon Pattern Breathable Shading Eye Mask  2 Piece/Set
Style : Cute 
Color 1: Yellow,Gray,Blue,Pink 

Color 2: Yellow,Gray,Blue,Pink 
Material : Cotton Blend

Weight: 80g 
Designed to fit more naturally on the nose according to light leakage, wearing is possible by adjusting the relative position of the eye mask to the bridge of the nose, thus reducing light entry and enhancing the light blocking effect. This sleep eye mask has a comfortable wear, flexible and painless headband, not moved or decreased during sleep. This sleeping eye mask is designed to eliminate fatigue, improve sleep quality, provide more energy for your work, suitable for travel, on aircraft, such as indoor, outdoor, and camping.