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Waterproof LCD Display Cycle Computer Chronograph

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Item Code: glj32522
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Waterproof LCD Display Cycle Computer Chronograph

Material:Plastic + Electronic components

Display: LCD display

Size: 46mm * 45mm * 19mm

Weight: About 100G

Configuration: table body, table stand (cable attached to the sensor probe), sensor magnet, Norse,Instructions

Applies to steel wheels of bicycles and electric bicycles;
Header for plug-in (unplugged at any time to prevent theft);
Easy to install, only two screws, attach two plastic cable ties;
Five minutes can be installed.

1. According to bicycle tire circumference setting.
Speed function:
2. Instantaneous speed SPD
3. Maximum speed MXS
4. Average speed AVS
5. Compared with the average speed tips wheel revolution features
6. Wheels per minute running coils r mileage function (switch English / metric)
7. Total road mileage ODO
8. A single mileage DST
9. Total initial value settings, if you replace the battery, you can set the value is set to the initial value before the change.
Time function
10. While driving long TM
11. Clock (12 hours / 24 hours switched) CLK automatic looping feature
12. ODO and the DST and the MXS, AVS, TM, r, CLK functions, every 4 seconds one automatically scrolling content SCAN
Travel data sampling function
13. Real-time data sampling, tests with DST TM AVS MXS
Power-saving features
14. Within 30 seconds there is no input signal, automatically enters power saving mode displays only the time.
Maintenance reminding function
15. When reaching a total set of maintenance of value, display the wrench symbol, reminded the maintenance cycle.
Waterproof function
16. Has good water resistance.