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High Accuracy Professional Jeweler Diamond Tester For Novice and Expert

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Item Code: grzxy69900188
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Professional Diamond Selector II will indicate genuine diamond or fakeUses large / small switches for testing diamondsEmits audible sounds to easily differentiate the readingsBatteries: 1 x 9v Battery (not included); Color: Black; Size: 6.5" x 1.625" x 1.875" / 16.3 x 4 x 2.2cm

Patrice is constantly shopping for jewelry, trading diamonds, sorting through scrap jewelry, and bidding at estate sales and auctions. Patrice wants to find the highest quality diamonds to use to make the pieces for her jewelry collections. This diamond tester indicates whether Patrice's stones are genuine diamonds or fakes. Small enough to carry around town in its included leather bag, the Diamond Selector II can go everywhere Patrice goes, while ensuring accurate readings with its low battery indicator. Patrice won't settle for knockoff diamonds, and neither should you. Weed out imposter gems with the Diamond Selector II.

This Diamond Selector II offers a highly compact design that is perfect to have on you when shopping for jewelry, buying/trading diamonds, sorting through scrap jewelry, bidding at estate sales, auctions & more. This diamond tester will indicate whether your stone is a genuine diamond or fake.

The cost for your Diamond Selector II is not even a fraction of the cost of a diamond, and you will gain peace of mind by knowing that you are buying a real diamond, instead of a knockoff. This Diamond Selector II tester comes with a leather bag and small testing tray for holding loose stones. It also features a low battery indicator to ensure accurate readings.